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I Speak Spanglish.jpg

I Speak Spanglish

Chale Vale.jpg

Chale Vale

(Hell No)

Te Agüito O Que.jpg

Te Agüito O Qué

(Do I shame you or what?)

Pepito for President.png

Pepito for President

Aqui by myself.jpg

Aqui, By Myself

(Here, by Myself)

Hello Beautiful.jpg

Hola Beautiful!



For chaos..just add Tequila.jpg

For Chaos..just add Tequila


50% Latin

50% American

100% Chaos

Qvo Dude.jpg

Qvo, Dude

(Sup, Dude)

Shut Up Por Favor.jpg

Shut Up, Por Favor

(Shup Up, Please)

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