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Hola, mi worldwide amigos, on April 10, 2020, Bruh Pictures' 'BOLERO' was successfully released, followed by 'PICASSO' in December and completing the adventure saga with 'HOOD LUCK HOLLYWOOD TOURS' on Cinco de Mayo.


PEPITO'S AMERICA is a comedy series based on the jokes of the legendary funny Latin character kid from "Pepito Jokes." Now, a grown man living in Los Angeles, Pepito is many times the trouble.
















Pepito often gets into shifty predicaments from which he manages to escape by using his charm, wit, irony or sometimes just plain luck. When the series finds a platform home, expect to see those wicked jokes we so laughed at through animated flashbacks and prepare to meet his pet pig, Chicharrones, his hysterical friendly family and other new characters we never thought he'd be involved with. The first Latin Superhero, Pepito, now walks the streets of Los Angeles. What could go wrong? Enjoy and thank you for your visit!


Te Aqüito O Qué? - Pepito Rico


Maria Conchita Alonso as Aita Rico

Check out this teaser of PEPITO'S AMERICA titled "PEPITO'S SPECIAL TALENT," which we world-premiered along with the award-winning Hollywood actress/singer Maria Conchita Alonso last summer in Los Angeles.

Pepito's Special Talent (Trailer)

Pepito's Special Talent (Trailer)

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